Tips for Hiring a Bellevue Web Developer

Web Design

If a small business needs a site built from scratch or redesigned, the owner knows that it can be difficult to find a good Bellevue Web Developer. Depending on the site’s complexity, prices and services can vary widely. Below are several tried-and-true tips for hiring a web developer.

Set a Budget

Most owners don’t bother to set a budget, or they set one that’s not realistic. Cheapest isn’t always best, and depending on the desired site functionality, it can be costly in the long term. Building an e-commerce site is different from building a static site, as there are more components to consider.

Just as one wouldn’t pick the cheapest building in the roughest neighborhood for a brick-and-mortar store, one shouldn’t choose a web developer based solely on price. Business owners can serve themselves well by assembling a realistic budget that’s based on the company’s requirements.

Make a Plan

It is important for site owners to have a clear idea of why they need a new site or an upgrade. Business owners should answer the following questions:

 * Who is in the target audience?

 * What is the company’s branding?

 * How can customers find the business?

 * What type of message should the site convey?

 * What kind of action should site visitors take?

Once the site owner knows what they wish to achieve, they can work closely with a Bellevue Web Developer who understands their objectives and goals.

Get Referrals

It’s best and easiest to hire a developer based on recommendations. Ask colleagues and other members of the professional network if they can recommend a quality web developer, and get their opinions on what it’s like to work with a particular firm. While some business owners choose devs whose portfolios include industry-specific websites, that’s not always the best tactic. The best developers are those who understand business as well as they do web development.

Hire a Developer Who Can Turn Into a Partner

This aspect often receives little consideration from business owners. Most hire web developers to build a site, and once the launch is complete, they don’t consult the developer again. It makes more sense to look for a dev who can function as a business partner. At the end of a project, the developer will know quite a bit about the business-;therefore, it only seems sensible to keep them around.