Tips for Comparing Prices of a Roll off Container


You may have heard of a roll off container before but unless you have recently finished a renovation project or a big clear-out, you probably don’t know that much about these types of services. Most people who rent a roll off container will select a size based on the type of waste they need to dispose of. Because these containers can be delivered to you and picked up when you are finished, they offer convenience for the customer. However, the size and capacity of a roll off container can differ from company to company and your requirements will play a role in the price. With the following tips you can get a good price for these services and avoid unexpected costs.

Choose a Handful of Companies

When you are trying to get the best price for a particular service, no matter what it is, the first thing you will probably do is find a handful of companies in your local area. This is a great first step because it gives you the opportunity to compare and contrast the prices and services of different vendors supplying a roll off container. The best way to do this is to get recommendations from people you know, scour the Internet or find a phonebook. While you may be eager to work with any company that comes your way, you could save a lot of money if you get a quote from at least five truck rental agencies.

Roll Off Container Inventory

When you have narrowed down your options you can start looking at the roll off container inventory for every company. Just like a car dealer should offer their customers an abundance of different vehicles in various colors, models and engine sizes, the truck rental agency should have a diverse inventory of containers to suit all types of jobs and budgets. By browsing the listings you can learn more about the specifications of every single container, such as the dimensions. It is crucial that you take the dimensions into account, as well as the hoist system because this will determine how suitable the container is for the job.

Additional Features

Finally, you need to inquire about additional features for a roll off container. The rental price may creep up slightly if there are more features added and this is why you should only opt for a container that suits your needs. Some containers will have onboard scales, container locks and even stinger tails. Unless you need these features, don’t ask for them because you will also need to take into consideration the length of time you will be renting the container for, the security deposit and insurance coverage.

By requesting a bottom line quote for a roll off container, you can easily find a company that offers these services for the cheapest price. To get coupons and specials for roll-offs, commercial containers and residential containers, visit