Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Materials and Supplies

Tips for Cleaning Hardwood FloorsHomeowners often choose hardwood floors because of the resilience as well as the aesthetic appeal. In order to keep the floors looking good, cleaning and maintenance must be handled regularly. The more traffic in the area, the better kept the floors need to be. To keep the floors looking great for years to come, there are a couple of tips that any homeowner can take advantage of.

Vacuum Regularly

How often should Hardwood Floors New York City be vacuumed? Remember that every piece of dirt that a person walks on gets pushed up against the wood. It is a good idea to vacuum at least once a week. This prevents the constant build up of dust and dirt, which in turn, prevents the constant scraping against the wood. While a person may not notice the scraping right away, over the course of a couple of years, it will start to show. Vacuumed New York Hardwood Flooring also tends to look better.

Avoid Water

Walking into the house with water and mud on shoes is a sure way to cause damage to the floors. Aside from warping the floors and creating uneven spots, water can also stain the finish. Place a matt at the front door for everyone to wipe his or her feet. Keep something underneath all of the plants to catch any overflow when watering. When water does hit the floor, make sure to get it up right away. By being vigilant about water on the hardwood floors, it is possible to keep them looking great.

Add a Few Rugs in High Traffic Locations

Because hardwood floors tend to be one long continuous pattern, most people break up the space with rugs to create a more appealing look. It helps to separate one room from the next and it is a great way to add in some color, patterns, and design. Rugs also serve another purpose. They can prevent extended wear on certain parts of the home where everyone walks. For example, a long rug right at the front door protects the entryway. When New York Wood Flooring is well taken care of, it will continue to look great and wear well.