Tips for Choosing Colors for Siding Camp Hill Products

Home Improvement

Deciding to have vinyl siding installed on your home is the first step of the process. But choosing which color you want can be an entirely new process. Here are some tips from your siding Camp Hill professionals to help you make the right decision on the color of your siding.

Look Around the Neighborhood
One of the first things you should do when deciding on a color for your vinyl siding Camp Hill product is to look around the neighborhood. Take note of the colors of the homes that are around your home. Do they have neutral colors? If so, you should stick with neutral colors, too. You don’t have to make your home look like everybody else’s, but you don’t want to have a bright green home if everybody else has beige, eggshell and light brown colors either. Choose a color that blends in but still gives your home a bit of a difference to distinguish it from others in the surrounding neighborhood.

Consider Your Home Type
Certain colors go better with certain types of homes. For instance, if you have a Mediterranean style home, you should choose simple colors that are basic. If you have a Victorian style home, choosing a soft yellow would be a great way to give it that classic and traditional look.

Two-Story Homes
If you have a two-story home, one of the things that will make it stand out is by choosing a different color for each story. The two colors you choose should be complementary and simple, such as a white with a light brown or beige. It’s a great way to customize your home without going overboard.

Appearance of Size
Do you have a small home and would like to make it look bigger from the outside? If so, choosing a light color of vinyl siding will help you accomplish that goal. If you choose a darker color, though, you will make your home look smaller than it actually is.

Consider Your Climate
The color you choose should also have some basis in the climate in which you live. As an example, if you live in the Southwestern region of the United States, you should choose a lighter color. That’s because darker colors absorb sunlight and heat. This can cause your cooling bill to skyrocket in the summer months. But if you live in a cooler climate, you might want to choose a darker color so it can absorb heat in the winter time.

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