Tips for a Powerful Website Design


When you are building a new website, whether it is for a blog you are writing or for your business, it is important to think things through and make smart choices for the design of your site. If you need help with website design services, New Jersey businesses and hobbyists know they can count on us to help them with their design:

Color- color is a powerful thing and countless studies have shown that there are strong psychological effects associated with certain colors. The impact of your chosen color for the website should not be overlooked.

Font- when you are building your site, choose one basic font for the bulk of the written content. Headers and titles and special call out sections can be a different font but no more than 3-4 different fonts should be used!

Text- Be mindful of how you lay out the text on your site and be sure it is easy to read. Avoid large blocks of text that can be difficult to read, and make sure things are laid out in a way that is reader-friendly.

Space- Blank space may seem like wasted space, but it is very important for a website as it helps avoid a cluttered and amateur feel. It can also help the reader navigate the content easily and effectively to find what they need.

Graphics- If you use images and graphics on your site use caution. Keep images small so it doesn’t slow down the page load speed and make sure images you use are actually appropriate and not simply used as filler.

Video/Audio- the final part of the website that needs to be carefully considered is the use of audio and visual elements and how they will be perceived by visitors and whether they will be enjoyed or not.

Here at Equitronix, we have years of experience with website design, so call us and let us go to work for you!