Tie Top Ribbon Top Curtains – An Interesting Idea In Window Dressings


Curtains can be the one aspect that pulls a room together, whether it be in beige or sequin curtains. And the curtain decision doesn’t end in color or fabric type. How you hang them up can add a creative flair to any room. A fun way to do this is to install tie top ribbon top curtains. The uniqueness of these curtains lies in the way they attach to the curtain rod. Here are three reasons why this method is so unique and fun.

Style Around It. It’s a common practice to match your curtains to your space. But tie top ribbon curtains can be a new inspiration for your space. You can match colors, patterns, or place identical ribbons and ties throughout the room. When people see this arrangement, you can tell them that the curtains were the primary influence. It will undoubtedly be a great conversation piece.

Eclectic Looks. They way the curtain is hung makes for a look that adds a pop to even the drabbest of drapes. You can mix and match the colors of the ribbons to the color of the curtain to create a fun pattern. Even with a more daring curtain, like sequin curtains, the ties add another texture and layer of fun to the look. They can change the entire shape of the window and the whole vibe of the room.

Easy Installment. These types of curtains are easy to install, which means that you can change the curtains you use with the wall color, seasons, or just as often as you like. You will be switching these in and out, but the possibilities ensure you never grow tired of them.

Dressing up windows with tie top ribbon top curtains is simple, practical, and just plain fun. They create fun looks, can encourage new looks in your home, and are easy to install on your own. Don’t pass up this new curtain that will undoubtedly become your new favorite.