Three Steps Of Dental Implants


There are many reasons that you might decide on getting dental implants from a company that does implant dentistry in Gig Harbor. Some of the reasons might be because you have lost just a couple of teeth from getting in an accident or because you lost many teeth due to poor dental hygiene. Whatever the reason is for getting dental implants it is important to find a company that does implant dentistry in the Gig Harbor area.

The Process
There are several steps to getting dental implants done. There is no need to worry though; this procedure is minimally invasive which means that you will not have to worry about having a big surgery or experiencing the pain and time that goes with it.

Phase One
The first step in implant dentistry in Gig Harbor is that the dentist places the implant on your jawbone. The implants bond to your jawbone within a few weeks and should not cause you any discomfort or any change in your normal eating patterns. The doctor will be working on creating teeth for your implants while the implant is taking its time to fuse to your jawbone. This process is a lot simpler and takes up less time than the surgical procedure used in the past that took up to several months and caused the patients tons of pain. This method is quick and less painful.

Phase Two
The second step in implant dentistry in Gig Harbor is when the doctor will make little insertions that will act as anchors to the new teeth. The nice thing about these posts is that they will become invisible when the new teeth are placed over top of the posts. This whole process takes less than 90 days and you will not experience any disruption in your daily routine.

Phase Three
In the third and final step of dental implantation, a crown is used to replace the missing teeth. Each missing tooth will get its own implant. However, if you are missing several teeth in one area a bridge might be chosen to keep them together. A bridge is used when two or more teeth need replaced, as you would only need two implants as opposed to doing them individually with more posts. The dentist will be able to work with you to figure out what will work best for your situation.

The number of implants that need used will also depend on if the teeth are going to be removable or if they will stay in the mouth. If the implant is going to stay in your mouth permanently, you will require additional implants and they will only be able to be removed by the dentist. However, if the implant is removable you will only need a couple of implants to keep it all together.

Making the decision to have implant dentistry Gig Harbor conducted can be overwhelming. You should talk to the professionals at Fisher Distinctive Dentistry today by calling their office at 360-876-0445.