Three Reasons To Have Regular Gutter Cleaning In Annapolis

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One of the most important aspects of exterior home maintenance is keeping the gutters clean. Leaves, twigs and other debris that’s left inside the gutters can cause many problems for homeowners. Read the information below to learn three reasons why it’s important to have professional Gutter Cleaning in Annapolis on a regular basis.

Prolongs The Life Of The Gutters

When the guttering system doesn’t drain properly it can cause water to sit inside the gutters for months at a time. This often causes the gutters to rust and then holes will begin to form. Once the rust starts, it will continually eat away at the guttering system and this prevents them from working properly.

Debris from trees that collects inside the gutters will prevent them from draining correctly. When a professional cleans the gutters, the water will flow out as it should and the gutters will last for many years.

Prevents Roof Damage

When leaves and small sticks aren’t periodically cleaned out of the gutters, this adds weight to the guttering system. The gutters are attached to the roof with hooks and as the gutters get heavier, it causes the hooks to pull away from the roof.
As the hooks become loose from the house, it can cause damage to the edge of the roof. When this occurs, homeowners will need to replace the gutter hooks and do repairs on their roof.

Protects The Home From Water Damage

The debris that collects in gutters prevents the water from flowing through the guttering system and exiting out through the downspout. The downspout sends the rushing water downhill and away from the house. When there’s an obstruction in the gutters, the water spills over the edge and makes a puddle of water along the foundation of the house.

This pool of water can then leak into the basement and cause water damage and mold to grow. To prevent this from occurring, homeowners should regularly contact a professional service that provides Gutter Cleaning in Annapolis.

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