Things to Know About Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Murfreesboro


The hiring of a Criminal Defense Lawyer Murfreesboro is an important decision which shouldn’t be based on advertisements. To successfully defend against criminal charges, you will need a lawyer that has the skills, strategy and court experience to try your case.

Evaluating Lawyers

Just because an attorney describes themselves as a ‘defense specialist’ or ‘criminal lawyer’ doesn’t mean they have the skill and knowledge you need. Some states have special requirements for the ‘specialist’ designation, and you shouldn’t rely on the attorney’s claims alone. Below are some questions to ask of a Criminal Defense Lawyer Murfreesboro:

How long have you been representing criminal defendants?
How often do you defend people with charges like mine?
How often are you in court?
Do you know the prosecutor on my case, and what do you think they would say about you?
Do you accept other types of cases, and if so, what percentage of your case load is criminal defense?

Defense Strategy

When meeting with a Criminal Defense Lawyer Murfreesboro, listen carefully to their line of questioning and don’t offer your version of the story until asked. The lawyer will walk you through the events leading up to your arrest, in order to hear the prosecution’s side of the story before they hear yours. Unless your charges are dismissed, you will face these options:

A guilty plea followed by sentencing
Attempting a plea agreement in hopes of a lesser sentence
A not-guilty plea followed by a trial

Your lawyer will discuss your options and their consequences, and the strategy they offer will be tailored to your case, your charges and the evidence.

Legal Fees

Whether you are up against felony or misdemeanor charges, you should have legal representation, and you likely do not have time to comparison-shop. However, you should still be aware of the lawyer’s pricing structure. Criminal defense attorneys either charge a flat fee or an hourly rate, but you should keep in mind that some legal services are not included in that fee.

Other than their qualifications and experience, there are other aspects to the decision whether or not to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer Murfreesboro. In many cases, the decision comes down to how the defendant feels about their lawyer; you’ll be working with them for a while, and you’ll need a trustworthy attorney who gives reasonable advice.