These 3 Tips Will Make Cleaning Your Gutters Easier: Gutter Service in Everett


Cleaning gutters is a dirty job and one that’s easy to put off. Unfortunately, neglected rain gutters can lead to water damage, foundation cracks, and even structural failure if the damage is severe enough. Instead of putting the job on the back-burner, use these three tips to make gutter cleaning less laborious.

Invest in gutter guards. Gutter guards are beneficial, as they prevent large debris from getting stuck in the gutter -; but gutters will still need to be cleaned. The job will be much easier, however, as only small debris will need to be cleared out. Simply remove the gutter guards, flush the gutters, and replace the guards. While gutter guards do not completely eliminate the need to clean gutters, they’re an affordable investment that makes the job easier and faster.

Gutter Cleaning Kits and Tools. With the right tools, cleaning gutters will be easier and less dangerous. Invest in quality rubber gloves, an extendable ladder, scoops that fit nicely into the gutter, and a pressurized water hose attachment. Gloves will keep hands clean and dry during the cleaning process and scoops make it easier to grab debris. An extendable ladder allows homeowners to safely reach the areas that need cleaning without having to climb on the roof. A pressurized garden hose attachment allows you to control the pressure when flushing out the gutters.

Clean the gutter once a year. Letting gutters sit for over a year with debris in them will make cleaning much more difficult. Trees might even begin to grow in the gutter, with roots that are hard to pull out. These roots can even lead to cracks in the fixture. In severe cases, birds might even begin to nest in the gutters resulting in a problem that requires animal teams to come out to safely relocate them. Clean gutters every year after the leaves have fallen off of any nearby trees. Schedule regular maintenance with companies that specialize in Gutter Service in Everett to keep your gutters clean and working properly.

When doing yard work, gutters are often ignored by homeowners. Putting off this necessary task can lead to more difficult problems in the long run. Investing in gutter guards, tools, and regular maintenance will make the job easier.