There is Nothing Like Fresh Bread In Chicago

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Nothing beats the smell of fresh baking bread. Whether it is yeast bread, or some type of flavored bread, the smell of it baking invokes memories of most of our youth. Bread is one of American’s favorite comfort foods. If you look at the ingredients on the loaf of bread that is located in the grocery store, you will find yourself reading things such as guar gum, high fructose corn syrup, ethoxylated mono; monocalcium phosphate and more. These are preservatives, designed to keep your bread “fresh” for an extended period of time. Bread left out on the counter will now last weeks prior to molding. Realistically, if bread is older than 24 to 48 hours, it is no longer fresh. Label reviews will make you ask yourself, “Where are the fresh ingredients?” There are places that you can find Fresh Bread Chicago, as well as many other places in the country.

Bakeries are making a comeback. People are now becoming more cognizant of the ingredients that they are putting in their bodies, and are looking for fresh items. With the upsurge of cooking shows, promoting cupcakes and other delectable baked goods, people have realized that there is now a demand for these products locally. Once a person begins buying bakery bread, they realize that homemade fresh breads taste so much better and are so much better for you.

For people that have become more health conscious, many bakeries offer organic products. This means that their breads are made with no synthetic materials. There are no trans fats. It has been proven that unsaturated or “trans fats” creates numerous health risks. Eating trans fat can raise cholesterol levels and increase your raise your risk of diabetes, obesity and even cancer. While many products on the grocery shelves are now labeled no trans fats, studies have shown that this may not always be true. Buying fresh bakery bread allows you to ensure that this is the case. These breads are made from the freshest ingredients, and while they will not keep for extended periods of time, they will provide you with flavor that will have you going back to buy more.