The Role of a Injury Lawyer Pennsylvania Firm in Protecting Client Rights


As soon as a person has been injured because of someone else’s negligence, they should contact an Injury Lawyer Pennsylvania office for help. There are strict time limits for filing a lawsuit. If these are missed, a person could lose any ability to recoup lost wages or have their medical bills paid. There’s also a very small opportunity to preserve physical evidence that might help an injured person prove their claim. A lawyer or their representative will know how to document the scene of the injury so that it can be used in court. An injured person may be in too much pain or be too emotionally traumatized to think clearly. They might for example tell a policeman that they are not injured, when this is not the case.

An expert Personal Injury law practice will have attorneys with experience in several broad areas including: medical malpractice, workers compensation claims, premises liability, product liability and dram shop claims. The precise circumstances of the injury will determine which Pennsylvania law applies. Crafting a successful legal strategy for a personal injury case can be complex. For example if a person is injured by a drunk driver, it might be a good strategy to file a dram shop clam. This law holds that any business that sells alcohol to a drunk person can be held liable if that person breaks a law because they are drunk.

Anyone who owns property is liable if someone is injured at their home or at their place of business. However, not all people are given the same protection under the Pennsylvania liability law. A good Injury Lawyer Pennsylvania office may be needed to sort out how this applies to an injured person. There are three different types of visitors. An invitee is someone that a business owner has invited onto the property. A shopper or client is considered an invitee. They are given the most protection under liability law. The two remaining classes get less protection. A licensee is someone on the property for a social visit. The last class of visitor is a trespasser, who is not on the property with any permission. They have very little protection. However, children may have a special status that goes beyond these general categories. A good lawyer may find that children have a claim even if they were trespassing. Visit website for more information.