The New Vehicle Warranty Law In Missouri


The words used in the statute are “new vehicle warranty law,” this law is best known as the Missouri Lemon Law. The objective of the law is to provide consumers with protection in the event they buy or lease-purchase a new vehicle, the law forces the vehicle manufacturer to stand by the warranty and, if the defect cannot be rectified, replace the vehicle or refund the initial purchase price.

The basics of the Missouri Lemon Law:

The following vehicles are not covered under the Lemon Law in Missouri:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • ATV or off-road vehicle
  • Motorcycles and mopeds, and
  • The living component of a motor home or RV

If you have a vehicle that is covered by the law before you can engage Missouri Lemon Lawyers to help process the case the covered vehicle must have been unavailable to the owner for 30 days minimum and four attempts were made to fix the fault.

Filing a complaint:

Before you or your Missouri Lemon Lawyers can file a Lemon Law complaint, you must give formal notice to that effect to the manufacturer, the company will then be granted one further chance to rectify the problem; this attempt must be made within 10 days after it has arrived at the dealership designated by the manufacturer.

If, during the final attempt the fault cannot be fixed the manufacturer must offer you a comparable replacement vehicle or a cash refund. In the event the manufacturer balks, you can hire Missouri Lemon Lawyers and file a lawsuit.

If at this time you opt not to go to court, you can request arbitration. In the event the manufacturer does not have an arbitration process, of course, your only recourse is legal action. Whether or not the manufacturer offers an informal arbitration process can be found in the new car owner’s manual.

If your car is declared a lemon in accordance with Missouri law the manufacturer is must replace the vehicle or refund your money. If the manufacturer refuses you have the right to hire Missouri Lemon Lawyers. For a listing of qualified Lemon Law lawyers in Missouri, you are invited to visit