The key to maintaining a perfect lawn


A good lawn is a point of pride for any homeowner. It gets you noticed in the neighbourhood and will have people talking about you. However a perfect lawn isn’t easy. It takes months of care and careful attention to cultivate the best grass and the nicest soil. Many people take shortcuts and buy readymade lawn turf. You can buy ready sprouted lawn turf in Doncaster but you’ll need to nurture it to get the best out of it. It isn’t enough simply to transplant the turfs to your garden. Here are the secrets to a perfect lawn.

Mow your lawn

The most effective way of keeping the law “green” is to mow it frequently. Each time you cut the grass, it responds by growing faster. This makes it grown thicker and will help keep out weeds. Make sure you cut with sharp blades but remember not to mow too short. Because the lower you cut your grass the more water you will need as well as more herbicide. Only ever cut a third of the grass at a time and leave for a week. Don’t cut it below two inches.

Make sure not to mow the lawn when it’s wet, because the water will suffocate the roots and the grass will die. Also, don’t tidy up the clippings. Let them fall where they are. They will fertilise the soil and since you should only be cutting a little at time, they’ll disintegrate back into the soil really quickly.

Watering your lawn

When you buy your lawn turf in Doncaster, you will want to water it regularly. However, don’t over-water, as this can be very bad for your grass. Watering too much causes the roots to grow shallow. It’s best to keep the soil irrigated with in-ground irrigation, but if you don’t have that, then sprinklers work just fine.

Just use about a couple of centimetres worth of water across the lawn each time you irrigate. Here’s a tip to make sure you do give it the right amount. Put a small empty fish can a couple of feet from the sprinkler and turn it on. When the can gets full, you’ll know you’ve given that area the correct level of water. Move the sprinkler around with the can to do the entire lawn.

The final watering tip is don’t water at night. The dew will arrive in the morning so prolonged moisture throughout the night will promote plant diseases. Early in the morning is the optimal time to water, so that it will be allowed to dry over the course of the day.


Don’t use too much fertiliser. This will cause the grass to grow too fast which will mean more mowing. Get a local lab to test your soil and they will tell you how much fertiliser you will need.

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