The Importance of Selecting the Right Transformer Manufacturer

Transformer Manufacturing

Do you need custom transformers for your applications? Perhaps you want a ring current transformer which meets certain specifications. No matter what kind of transformers you require, it is important to choose the best manufacturer. Here are some tips for selecting the right source for your business.

Focus on the Customer

The best companies making ring current transformer applications are completely focused on customer satisfaction, and it shows in the way they treat you. When you talk to someone from your transformer source, you are treated as if you were the most important part of their business, and rightfully so. Without customers, most businesses cannot exist.

Choosing the Right Electrical Components

Unless you understand concepts like volt-amp ratings, burden, resistance, and accuracy class, it can be very hard to choose the perfect ring current transformer for your applications. The best manufacturers have people who understand your needs and are there to help you choose the right components. If necessary, they can custom design and manufacture your transformers.

Environmental Issues

It is everyone’s responsibility to look out for the local environment. The best transformer manufacturers are very concerned with environmental issues. In fact, they always follow the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act and make sure the metals they use do not come from parts of the world affected by war and strife. Responsible companies trace the origins of materials through their supply chains, to ensure they come from the right sources.

Years in Business

When choosing a source for your transformers, make sure the company has many years of experience. A manufacturer with decades in the business understands the industry and does their best to stay on the cutting edge of modern technology. You can trust an experienced company to be there when you have questions or issues with your order.