The Importance of Regular Jaguar Service

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If you own a Jaguar, chances are you expect peak performance at all times. While most luxury cars will provide the fast performance you desire, it is important to keep up proper maintenance to maximize how your car performs. While tune-ups are no longer common, there are certain things your professional Jaguar service can perform on your car regularly to ensure it has fewer problems and functions better.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs on your Jaguar dictate how well the engine runs. When you regularly inspect your spark plugs, you will have a good idea of how your engine is operating and if there are any repairs that need to be done immediately. In general, you should replace your spark plugs around 30,000 miles to catch any engine issues early. This could help you to save money on your Jaguar repair in the long run.


Just as you replace the filters in your home to ensure proper functioning of your utilities, you need to do the same for your car. There are a variety of filters in your Jaguar that need inspection and timely changes, including oil, air and fuel filters. If you are not comfortable inspecting or changing your filters, you can bring your car to your professional Jaguar service garage to ensure they are handled properly.


All hoses should be inspected periodically as well. If there are any visible cracks, splits or leaks, they should be replaced immediately. Even if you think a crack is minor and will not cause much interruption in the proper function of your Jaguar, it is best to have it inspected. Sometimes even small leaks can cause large problems, with some even prohibiting your Jaguar from running at all.

If you want to ensure the proper function of your Jaguar at all times, it is best to speak with your professional Jaguar service about proper maintenance and the intervals at which you should have it performed. If you are a slightly knowledgeable in the mechanics of your vehicle, you can inspect the spark plugs, various filters and hoses on your own. If you suspect problems or any of these components need to be changed, it is best to bring it to the attention of your mechanic to ensure they are repaired properly and no other major damages occurred as a result.

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