The Importance of Criminal Law in a State

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The responsibility of any Government is to establish laws that will protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of its members. They must also come up with ways that will punish wrong doers in an effort to discourage people from committing a crime. Criminal law is a branch of law that deals with defining a crime, ways to prevent crime and the punishment for a specific crime.

These crimes are committed with the purpose of causing harm to a person or death. It ensures that the Government, businesses and all people are protected from crime. An attorney who deals with criminal law Porterville seeks to ensure that justice is given especially to someone who is accused of a crime.

The state has the responsibility of assigning an attorney to an accused person when he or she cannot afford legal representation. For an attorney to practice criminal law, he or she must graduate with a law degree and afterwards pass the bar. There are attorneys who specialize in different fields of criminal law such as local and federal law. While local law deals with crimes that are specific to a certain state such as murder, federal law goes beyond the jurisdiction of a state to deal with crimes such as drug trafficking, kidnapping and tax evasion.

An attorney who practices Criminal law in Porterville must represent his client in court upon evidence of committing a crime. These clients could be the government, a business or an individual. The law ensures that a suspect is treated well in the entire process, from the time of arrest to sentencing and all constitutional rights of any suspect are considered. Without evidence that shows the suspect committed a crime beyond any doubt, he or she is set free. Criminal law is very important because:

  • Protection of citizens of a country: Crimes cost the state and its citizens. Criminal law ensures that all citizens of a country live in peace and respect each other’s rights and freedoms. When rights are violated, people are given an opportunity to seek justice in a courtroom. People are allowed to have legal representation in court to prove their innocence or their guilt.

There are attorneys who are hired by the Government as prosecutors while others work in private firms. Most attorneys usually come together to start a firm because it allows them to have the freedom to choose the cases that they are willing to represent in court. To open a law firm, they must acquire a license from the Government that will allow them to practice law. Some attorneys practice law because of the pay check while others are committed to seeing that justice prevails in a country. Their passion is seen by the way they represent their clients in court and the hard work and dedication that they put into a case until the end.

Criminal law defends everyone equally without biasness or prejudice. However, citizens need the assistance of an attorney if they want the law to protect and defend them. For more information, visit Website.