The Importance of a Funeral Director in Groton

Cremation Funeral Services

When you think of what a Funeral Director in Groton has to offer you, it’s very likely that you don’t fully understand the roll that he or she will play after the death of a loved one. Many people think of a funeral director as someone who simply greets people at a funeral and ensures that they get to the right place. Other people don’t have a clue at all what kind of services that a funeral director offers. Here are some of the important services that a funeral director will provide.

Moving the Body

One of the first things that a funeral director will do is move the body from the hospital or other place where it may be located to the funeral home. This ensures that family members don’t have to figure out how to move their loved one from one place to another.

Preparing the Body

The funeral director will ensure that the body is prepared correctly for burial or cremation. In a smaller facility, the director may perform these services. In a larger facility, he or she will act as a manager, ensuring that the body is brought to the right person for preparation.

Guiding Family Members

If funeral arrangements weren’t made in advance, then the funeral director guides the family through the process. What’s more, he or she will help the family pick out a coffin (often referred to as a vault), pick a cemetery for burial, choose the service type, order flowers, write an obituary and so on. At this point, the funeral director is ensuring that a grieving family doesn’t have to think of any of the details – they are all taken care of.

Support During Services

The funeral director is available during the funeral to keep things moving along, sign in visitors, guide the grieving and so on. He or she can also speak at the funeral and introduce family members for speaking.

Moving the Body – Again

The funeral director then ensures that the body is moved to the cemetery or cremation point for burial or cremation. He will arrange for the grave to be dug and even help the family pick out a grave stone or marker.

As you can see, a funeral director offers a lot. If you’ve lost a loved one, or you’re planning ahead, call Mystic Funeral Home LLC for full service and respectful care.