The Implant Dentist Services in Hauppauge


Having missing teeth can not only make your smile less attractive, but it can also cause you pain, make it more difficult to chew, and cause problems with your speech. If you have missing teeth, you may keep your smile hidden, afraid to show that your teeth are not there. Instead of having to hide your smile forever, there are now dental implant procedures that can give you back a beautiful smile and replace your missing teeth.

When visiting your Dentist Hauppauge office, you will first get an oral exam. Your dentist will exam your entire mouth, paying special attention to your gums. To be a good candidate for dental implants, your gums must be healthy, to withstand the surgical implanting of the anchors that will hold your implants.

At the visit, your dentist will also carry out several X-rays. This will help him or her to ensure that there are no root issues or damage beneath the gums that might prevent the implantation from being successful. Once you are cleared, your dentist will begin to discuss the implant options that are available to you.

Most Implant Dentist Hauppauge offices use metal anchors that are surgically implanted into the gums. These anchors are placed into each empty tooth socket and allowed time to heal before the new tooth is placed. Your healing time will depend upon your age and health. Your dentist will decide when he or she feels that you are able to come back and have your tooth implants put into place.

One of the most remarkable things about having tooth implants put in, is that they feel so incredibly like your own teeth. Since they are permanent and never come out, no one will ever know that they are not your own teeth, unless you choose to tell them.

Your Implant Dentist Hauppauge office will have you to come for regular checkups, to ensure that your implants are holding up well. Many of the latest implants can last for many years, and even a lifetime, if they are cared for properly. Your dentist will give you information on keeping your new implants looking their best so that you can finally feel free to smile to the world.