The Ideal Time To Buy Used Cars For Sale

Car Dealership

In general, used cars are a great way to purchase a vehicle at a significantly lower price than a new model. In selecting a low-mileage, newer vehicle, buyers in Cherry Hill, NJ, can drive off the lot in a like-new car at a fraction of the cost.

For some buyers, purchasing a slightly older model of used cars for sale Cherry Hill NJ provides greater savings. These vehicles may not have all the features of a new model. However, they are economical to drive and still have years left as a reliable car, truck, or SUV.

Unlike new models, used cars for sale in Cherry Hill, NJ tend to have a consistent inventory at most dealers. However, the specific makes and models on the used car or certified pre-owned vehicle lots is constantly changing based on trade-ins, promotions, and even distribution of used vehicles across dealerships.

New Model Roll-Out

One of the best times for a top selection in used cars for sale on any dealership lot in Cherry Hill, NJ, is immediately after the new model roll-out. Depending on the manufacturer, this is usually sometime in the spring to the New Year, with a few manufacturers even later.
The inventory of used cars tends to be highest at this time, which can lead to dealerships interested in listening to purchase offers at below the listed price.

Holidays and End of the Month

Dealerships often run specials on holidays and at the end of the month if they have a high inventory level in used or certified pre-owned vehicles. For buyers with time to wait for these specials and the right vehicle, it is a great way to save money or upgrade your next purchase.