The Duties Performed by a Physician Assistant in Palm Beach Gardens


Whether a physician assistant is performing its duties in Palm Beach Gardens or any other state of America, there are some standard practices. The main responsibility of an assistant is to help a physician perform his duties properly. Since 1960, assistants have been playing an important role in health care industry. To perform duties as an assistant to the physician, one must obtain practice license from a registered institute or organization. In most of the cases, 75% work is done by assistants but any procedure must be carried out under the supervision of a regular physician.

Just like a physician cannot perform its duties in every field of healthcare industry, assistant’s responsibility and duties are also limited. What duties they will perform totally depends on their education, training and experience. Assistants are not supposed to take decision on their own because they have to work under the supervision of a physician. Different rules and laws are implacable in different states for physician assistants and same is the case in Palm Beach Gardens.

Some of the duties performed by these assistants are described below.

Collecting Medical History

As soon as a patient arrives in the hospital or care center, the assistant is supposed to collect the medical history. If there is an emergency patient, the assistant will ask him general questions about how he got that injury, if that person is going through mental stress and most importantly if that person is already on some other medication or not.

Provide Assistance in Surgeries

The minor cases of surgeries can be handled by general physicians but they require experience and training for that purpose. The responsibility of an assistant is to help the physician perform a surgery. While physician is busy in surgery process, the assistant has to make sure that everything is available for that surgery.

Developing Treatment Plans

Prescription and treatment plan is always suggested by the physician but it is the responsibility of an assistant to develop that treatment plan. If a patient has any confusion about the prescribed medicines and how to take them, the assistant will guide him thoroughly.

Conducting Physical Exams

Assistants are experienced enough to understand how physical examination is carried out. In case if the physician is not available or he is busy with some other patients, the assistant can conduct the physical exam of other patients. However, this can only be done with the permission and supervision of physician.

Managing Lab Work

If certain lab tests are to be run for a patient, the assistant has the authority to order the tests. The lab technicians will listen to the instructions provided by physician assistant and perform the required tests. If the physician has not given such authority to the assistant, he is not supposed to order lab tests and interpret results.

Diagnosing Illness

Another important duty performed by physician assistants in Palm Beach Gardens is to diagnose the illness of patients that arrive in care center. A physician may not allow his assistant to diagnose the illness but in most of the cases, such authority is given to assistants so more patients can be treated in a short period of time.

It is quite clear that the service of a physician’s assistant is always required in urgent care clinics operating in Palm Beach Gardens.