The characteristics of an in-home nurse


There is a minimum set of skills that all nurses possess, the skills and attributes are ingrained within the profession. Nurses of course work in different environments; an in home nurse in Mesa AZ requires a unique set of skills that perhaps other nurses do not have to display. In addition to independence that the nurse must face when she working with patients in their homes, the nurse is bound to experience situations and personal challenges that would not be evident in a normal clinical setting.

An in home nurse in Mesa AZ will be expected to show, at minimum, the following attributes.


In a clinical setting, such as a doctor’s office or a hospital ward, the nurse sees the patient as an extension of the doctor. She carries out the commands of the doctor regardless of the desires of the patient. This, however, is very different when the nurse sees the patient in his or her home setting. In the home, the nurse will often have to respect the desires of the patient and honor the requests of the patient that would never be tolerated in the clinical setting. In a home setting, the nurse may have to deal with resistance from the patient when it comes to taking the prescribed medication and doing the physical therapy which has been given as an accomplishment. The in home nurse Mesa AZ will have to learn the gentle art of persuasion when urging the patients to do what has been demanded by the doctor.


In a hospital setting, the entire environment can be managed and monitored. The nurse can see to it that friends and family come and go as the doctor demands. In the home environment, it is a totally different thing, the patient can let his visitors come and go as they please. The caregiver will have to know how to guide the visitors in such a way that the patient has time for meals and specified activities.


If, as an in home nurse in Mesa AZ your desire is to go into a programmed setting every day, then you will be unhappy and disappointed with in home work. On an ongoing basis, the nurse will be faced with clients with diverse needs and personalities, their needs are varied as are their expectations. Your visit to the patient may be interrupted by a visitor, in addition, every patient’s home environment is different, and this requires flexibility on issues such as cleanliness, the storage of medications and the preparation of meals.


When working in the home setting, there is little or no direction so the home nurse must be in a position to assess any situation and address it. The nurse needs to have the ability and be willing to make decisions on the spot that can be lived with, all based on your assessment of the patient and specific training.

An in home nurse in Mesa AZ can provide the family caregiver with much needed relief. The nurse has the skills to attend to the needs of the patient, giving the family a break that they most certainly need. Contact Synergy HomeCare of the East Valley for details.