The best way to prepare for dental oral surgery in Kittanning PA


If you are facing oral surgery there are a few things you may wish to consider in preparation for the procedure. Here are a few tips on preparing for dental oral surgery in Kittanning PA.

Consult first:

Prior to the surgery consult with the oral surgeon and find out if you will require any specific medications post-op. Either arrange to purchase these medications prior to the procedure or have someone prepared to get them for you as you probably will not be feeling up to doing this for yourself.

If you have any fears about the surgery, do not hesitate to discuss them with the surgeon. The dentist will be happy to explain the complete procedure and at this time he will probably explain the various sedation options that are available to help you get through the surgery.

Transportation arrangements:

You will need to have someone accompany you when you undergo dental oral surgery in Kittanning PA. The person should be in a position to wait until the procedure is finished as you may not be in a position to drive yourself home.

Child care:

If you have small children arrange to have someone in the home for a couple of days after the surgery. There will be pain as an after effect and your tolerance level may be reduced.


Eating, drinking and smoking:

After your initial consultation with the surgeon, you will know the kind of sedation you will be subjected to. If the method is a general anesthetic or an intravenous anesthetic you will want to avoid any food or beverage, including water, for a full eight hours prior to the scheduled surgical time. Make sure your teeth have been brushed and flossed prior to the appointment and do not smoke for at least 12 hours prior to the surgery. This may be the perfect time to quit smoking as after the surgery, you cannot smoke for a further 24 hours, by then you are well on your way to becoming an ex smoker.

What should you wear?

When you arrive for dental oral surgery in Kittanning PA, show up in comfortable, loose fitting clothing, preferably with short sleeves. The doctor will do his best in seeing to it that your clothes are protected; but to be sure, wear something that you don’t mind having to discard later.

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