The Best Reasons to Visit Your Local Pawn Shop in Bellevue, WA


A pawn shop is usually considered a good source for a fast loan, but many also offer other services. Businesses such as Emerald City Gold & Coin are well-qualified precious metals dealers. In addition, this type of pawn shop in Bellevue WA, pays very well for many types of valuables and can be a wonderful place to shop.

Gold Dealers Are Great Cash Sources

A Pawn Shop in Bellevue WA is often a reliable gold dealer that pays very well for precious metals. Stores routinely purchase gold, silver, and platinum bars and bullion. You can often gather up unwanted and even broken jewelry and sell it to them. Their appraisers usually weigh items and offer a value based on quality and market prices. Shops also evaluate and buy estate pieces. When you do not want to sell outright, a pawn shop will make a short term loan on your items and hold them until you repay the funds.

Stores Are Often Coin and Currency Dealers

Coin collecting has been an interesting hobby for centuries and, today, collecting is also a good investment. That is why many gold buyers pay very well for certain coins and sell a wide range of unique currency. Collectors can often browse the stores and find Kennedy half dollars, Indian head pennies, Red Seals, high denominations, notes with errors, and other rare items. The shops may also offer a grading service that helps customers understand the value of coins. They may also offer a “browse our website” invitation to help clients get information or locate items online.

Gold Buyers Are Jewelry Experts

Better pawn shops include appraisers and jewelers. The shops often provide insurance and estate appraisals and offer excellent prices for unwanted fine jewelry. Some businesses specialize in historic pieces. They sell only genuine items, so customers get one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry. These can consist of pearls, colored stones, diamonds and platinum jewelry. Gemologists educate customers about the jewelry and often proudly offer vintage pieces ranging from the retro to Edwardian periods.

A pawn shop is a great source for quick cash, but many also buy and sell precious metals and jewelry. They offer appraisal services and help coin collectors locate unusual pieces. The stores often buy vintage jewelry, so they are wonderful places to shop for one-of-a-kind historic pieces.