The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry


A great number of people are hesitant to visit a dentist, these people exhibit what is commonly known as “dental phobia.” This phobia is what holds people back from getting the dental care they need. A sedation dentist in Mount Prospect is fully aware of this and can provide a stress-free, anxiety free dental experience through the use of sedatives.

What is sedation?

When a patient is sedated, he or she will be far more relaxed and calm. There are a number of different sedatives available to the dentist that can be administered through inhalation, orally or intravenously. IV sedation was, at one time, the most common way of introducing the sedative; today, however, oral sedation and inhaling nitrous oxide are the norm.

Oral and inhalation sedation is easy; the medications make the patient quite comfortable, so much so that many do not even remember the procedure. Although this may be the case, the patient actually is awake during the procedure, allowing him or her to respond to any instructions given by the dentist.

Sedation and aesthetics are not the same. The majority of dental procedures still require a local anesthetic at the site. The anesthetic blocks pain and is administered after the sedative takes hold.

The benefits:

When patients are sedated, time is no longer an issue. When the procedure is over and the sedative wears off, many patients think they have just got in the chair, not out of it. This makes it far easier for the dentist and far more comfortable for the patient when the procedure is quite lengthy.

Sedation addresses the primary problem those with dental anxiety have; as a result, these people are now more likely to seek the dental care they need.

If you are among the 30 percent of the adult population that fears even the thought of dental work, then look for a qualified sedation dentist in Mount Prospect.

If you fear to have dental work done you should look for a sedation dentist in Mount Prospect. You are invited to make an appointment with James Kakos DDS.