The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry Appleton


Many people try to avoid going to the dentist, mostly due to fear and anxiety. If you are one of the millions of people that fear the dentist then you can rest easy knowing there is a way to calm your fears. Sedation dentistry is a technique that lets people with serious dental anxiety get the treatment they need, without the stress of visiting a dentist’s chair.

Sedation dentistry is a procedure where the patient is given medication to calm and relax them before and during the dental procedure. Most sedatives are given orally foregoing the need for IV medications. IV medications are only needed when heavy sedation is called for. Generally, during a sedation dentistry procedure in Appleton, the patient is both sedated and injected with local anesthetics to eliminate any pain they may experience. The sedative itself does not eliminate pain but it calms the patient, thus the need for a local anesthetic. It is easier for the dentist this way so the patient can follow the dentists instructions when needed.

There are many benefits to sedation dentistry Appleton procedures. It is very useful during long procedures, or procedures that may incur additional work midway through. Most patients don’t remember the procedure while under sedation even though they are still conscious. What may take hours to do may seem like just a few minutes to the patient. This allows the dentist to get more work done in one visit. Many procedures that may require multiple visits normally can be completed during a single appointment if the patient is sedated. It’s also a good idea for children; in fact, it might be the only way a child can get dental work done.

If you want your next dental appointment to be more relaxing and comfortable, try sedation dentistry. Most dentists can administer some level of sedation, though you might have to look around if you think you’ll require heavy sedation. Don’t put your dental health at jeopardy by avoiding the dentist. It can cause more problems than you want, need, or can afford. Just ask about sedation and leave your fears behind you.