The advantages of a granite tile countertop


The hardest and most durable stone countertop that anyone can have in the kitchen or bath is granite. Granite is a material which at one time was magma, it is second in strength only to diamonds, as a matter of fact; polishing granite is best done with diamond polishing tools.

A granite countertop in Wausau WI is not easily scratched, nor will it blister, crack or peel. Granite has no problems withstanding the heat from pot and pan bottoms when they come off the stove, the material is also waterproof, stain resistant and inhibits the start of mold and mildew growth. The highly polished surface makes pie preparation a dream as the pastry can roll well and the cleaning up is easy, just a little soap and water is all it takes. With all these features, a granite countertop in Wausau WI is still cost effective as the installation will add value to your home for future re-sale.

A full slab granite countertop is the most expensive surface available for use in the home and when purchased, the entire slab must be bought due to the unique patterns that are different block to block. A full slab granite countertop is heavy and often, the kitchen cabinets need reinforcing to bear the weight. Once installed, they are almost indestructible.

An excellent alternative to a full slab granite countertop is to use granite tiles. There is a major advantage when using granite tiles; they can be installed no different than if they were simple ceramic tiles. The tiles retain a number of advantages, they are durable, stain resistant and they will not crack like ceramic tiles will. Perhaps the greatest advantage of granite tile or slab is the price; the tiles are about one third the price of slab. Not only is the price of the countertop considerably less, the cost of installation is also less.

When you choose a granite tile countertop in Wausau WI you still get the natural beauty of granite. With granite coming from mines located worldwide, the choice of color and grain is spectacular. Many suppliers of marble tile have samples that can be taken into the home which will allow the homeowner to check if their choice coordinates well with the current décor.

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