Teeth Whitening in Carlsbad Really Makes You Smile

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Nothing can make a person look and feel more confident than having a bright, shining smile. Brushing and flossing regularly can help keep the teeth looking healthy and beautiful. However, sometimes even when we try to take care of our teeth normal daily activities can make them look dull and dark. Fortunately, teeth whitening in Carlsbad can bring new life to a not so attractive smile again.

We may not give it much thought, but things like smoking, drinking coffee and eating certain foods can effect how white the teeth are. Once the teeth have been stained, it is not easy to regain the natural whiteness by brushing and flossing. There are special treatments that can make teeth look clean and white again. Among these are bleaching, laser bleaching, and wearing whitening trays.

Bleaching the teeth removes stains and makes them white and shiny. This process is done in a dental office and can usually be completed in one to three visits depending upon how darkly stained the teeth are. The dentist will use special bleaching products that can make the teeth a few shades whiter even with the first treatment.

For results that are more dramatic, you may want to consider laser teeth bleaching. After having this done, the teeth are noticeably white after only one treatment. In fact, many dental patients only need to have this done once to achieve beautiful white teeth instantly.

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If you prefer a less expensive way of making the teeth white again, you may wish to start using a teeth whitening tray on a daily basis. The dentist will custom fit your teeth with a plastic tray that is filled with a special bleaching agent. Using this for a few hours a day can make teeth whiter and brighter within a couple of weeks. This process can be conveniently done right in the comfort of your own home.

If your teeth aren’t as white and bright as you’d like them to be, you may want to consider teeth whitening Carlsbad. This can get you well on your way to having a white, healthy looking smile that you will want to share with the world.