Team Building in Washington D.C.

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Often companies don’t realize that training can help increase communication efficiency. Empowerment is a great feeling for everybody involved. When you are training your employees, you are empowering them. You want happy employees because when you have happy employees, they are effective. Teach your employees about what a great team means. Sometimes training your employees requires some facilitation. With a facilitated workshop, some of the problems can be discussed in a neutral environment. There are some workplace issues that can’t be ignored.

Having a safe place for your employees helps them feel secure about sharing information. There are facilitators out there that work hard on creating that secure feeling. If you decide to have a facilitated workshop, expect everything in that room to stay confidential. This is so your employees can learn how to deal with problems on their own. Facilitators do not solve problems for your employees; they guide them to the solution.

Not only do they discuss issues, they have some team building activities that are unique. One example of a team building activity might be the Lego game. The Lego game involves four people and shows people the importance of communication. The team is to work together to copy a little Lego statue on one side of the room. The person seeing the original statue can’t share what it looks like directly with the person building the new statue on the other side of the room. Somebody mediates the information between the person looking and the person building.

The point of this game is to get employees to understand the flaw in that system. It is very hard to do what you are supposed to be doing when you don’t talk to the correct person. With team building in Washington D.C., their way of thinking will change. Working together, people learn how to appreciate each other. With the newfound appreciation, their attitude towards each other might change.

With all of the workplace problems discussed and possibly resolved, whatever happens in facilitated workshops stays there. That’s one of the reasons why they are so effective. They do not include management in the discussion nor do they share any unnecessary information. In order for this to be effective, management needs to accept that. When you spend money on team building in Washington D.C., you want see the results. That’s more important than knowing what happened.


Team Building
Team Building