What to Do If You Suspect You Need a Wheel Alignment Repair in Owasso, OK


If you have noticed of late that when driving your car that it appears to consistently “pull” to one direction or another, the chances are great that you’ve hit a pothole or rough spot in your driving at some recent point in time, knocking one or more of the wheels out of alignment, causing you to need a wheel alignment repair in Owasso, OK. A car that is out of alignment compromises the safety of both driver and occupants. Your car needs to visit a pro tire shop such as Tate Boys Tire and Service so you can have the alignment of your tires checked.

What is wheel alignment? Essentially, a wheel alignment is what occurs when a mechanic or wheel technician adjusts the angle of your car’s wheels to make them as perfectly parallel to one another as possible and also, perpendicular to the ground. A car that is properly aligned enjoys longer tire life because the tires wear evenly, and also steers more safely. A car that is severely out of alignment might literally drive off the road or into another car if the driver momentarily and inadvertently removed his or her hands from the steering wheel. It is highly desirable that your car’s tires roll as straight and as effortlessly as possible as the engine propels it forward.

A different, but related issue that people often experience with their car’s wheels is that of balance. Most people get their tires balanced at the same time that they get a wheel alignment repair in Owasso, OK. Tires that are out of balance cause the car to vibrate. Drivers can feel the vibration in the steering wheel and sometimes throughout the entire frame of the car. Tires that are out of balance compromise the comfort of a vehicle’s ride.

Each car has original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications to set that car’s tires for optimal performance. When you take your car in to be “lined up” a computer will calculate your car’s current alignment and compare it with the OEM specifications to see where the variance is. Then adjustments are made, and you will drive away in a car that tracks straight and true. Your tires will wear less and you and your occupants will be safer. Your entire driving experience will be enhanced!