Surprising Ways A DUI Conviction In Kansas City Can Impact Your Life

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Many people wrongly assume that a DUI conviction is not a big deal. You have to pay a hefty fine, you will have possible restrictions on your license, and that’s it, right? That is not entirely true. A DUI can prevent you from future employment opportunities, a DUI can have large consequences depending on what career path you have taken, and a DUI can have other lasting consequences. Often, people do not hire a DUI lawyer in Kansas City because they are under the false assumption that failing a roadside breathalyzer test is the end of it. A quality DUI lawyer can find other ways to help mollify the charges against you or have them dropped altogether. It is common for a DUI lawyer to explore all avenues to help you. There are many laws regulating roadside stops and arrests that are often not followed by arresting officers. A good DUI lawyer might successfully argue that your arrest was unconstitutional (e.g. you were not informed of your Miranda Rights) or find another way to prove that you were treated unfairly. In another common scenario, a reputable DUI lawyer in Kansas City can help reduce the number of stipulations given at your sentencing. You could avoid jail time or an unusually lengthy probation.

A DUI conviction by itself can negatively impact your life. Typically, companies hiring positions that require driving will not be able to ensure a person convinced of a DUI. Also, your normal car insurance payments will likely skyrocket. In certain professions such as education, a DUI could alter your career. Consequences could go far beyond court orders. A common sentiment among employers in a tough economy is that they do not want to risk hiring a job candidate with any sort of record when there are a dozen other candidates who are equally qualified and have completely clean records. Often, people convicted of DUIs (especially 2nd or 3rd offenses) are put on probation. Probation is expensive and can be an enormous hassle. When a person is arrested for having violated probation, it is often viewed as worse than the initial DUI. After being arrested for a DUI, find a DUI lawyer in Kansas City that can assist you with every part of the process. DUIs can be complicated as there are a number of nuances involved in traffic law. Hiring the right Kansas City DUI lawyer can give you the best chance during your legal process (i.e. what plea you should enter, what type of trial you should request, etc.) and the best chance at living a quality life after a DUI arrest.