Sure Signs That It’s Time For Your Porch Screen to Be Replaced

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Your porch screen serves as a defense against all the less-desirable elements of the outdoors. When that screen begins to deteriorate, it can reduce the enjoyment you experience on your porch. While some porch screen problems are able to be repaired, there are times when porch screen replacement in Orange Park is the best course of action. To help you decide one way or the other, here are a few sure signs that it’s time for your porch screen to be replaced.

Too Many Holes

One common cause of holes in a porch screen is insects that
chew holes as they try to nest. If you have a swarm of insects, they can quickly do a lot of damage to your screen. If your screen has more holes than Swiss cheese, it’s probably time to for porch screen replacement in Orange Park. One problem with a hole-filled screen is that it provides many opportunities for insects and precipitation to enter your porch. Another problem is that even when repaired, the aesthetics of your screen will be greatly diminished.


Over time, the frames that hold your porch screen tight can begin to deteriorate due to exposure to weather. When this occurs, the frames will lose their ability to hold the screens taught, leading to sagging across the entire screen. This could allow increased moisture intrusion as precipitation has horizontal surfaces on which to enter the screen rather than an entirely vertical surface of a properly tightened screen. Of course, another problem with a sagging screen is that it ruins the appearance of the exterior of your home.


If your screen can’t dry adequately, it will begin to rust. Over time, this rust can accumulate, causing nearly all of your screen to be covered in rust. This excess rust can cause your screen to fail, leading to large gaps that will allow bugs and moisture to enter. Additionally, the rust can run down the screen and into your landscaping or onto your home’s exterior, creating stains that are difficult to remove.