Stamford CT: Museums, Theaters And So Much More

Real Estate

If you are looking for apartment rentals in Stamford, CT, consider this the opportunity to live the life you have always wanted. Whether you have or are planning to have a family or enjoy the single life, Stamford is a wonderful place to spend your days and nights. It offers you the chance to explore the beauties of Fairfield County and the rest of Connecticut. It is also close to the glamorous lure of Long Island.

Museums, Theaters and Live Music

Stamford is home to the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. This combines the world of the farm with a small museum. Children love to visit the animals and play later on the gigantic slide. Adults might prefer to take a nature walk along the trails at the nearby Bartlett Arboretum. If you want to learn more about the history of Stamford, you should instead visit the Museum operated by the Stamford Historical Society.

If you want to enjoy an evening out, why not head to one of the two historic theaters located in Stamford. It is not hard to wander from any of the apartment rentals in Stamford CT to catch a movie or show at either the Palace Theater or The State Cinema. The symphony performs at the Stamford Center for the Arts.

Although not a traditional theater, you can catch street theater and music on the grounds of Columbus Park. This downtown park is usually vibrantly alive with a cross-section of the people who call Stamford their home as well as visitors. If you enjoy music, come to the park during the summer months when it is home to the Alive @ Five music festival.

Columbus Park is right downtown. Drop down to the area in the evening for a meal or a drink at one of the many restaurants and bars that make their home near the park.

Wealth and Architecture

Several apartment rentals in Stamford CT may be expensive. Chances are, however, that they have nothing on the luxurious homes on Shippan Point. This is the farthest point south in Stamford. Here, the wealthy, have lived in the past and continue to do so in the present. The area was a popular resort for locals and the wealthy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A casino was found there as was a yachting club (1890) and other pleasurable past times for those with money. Today, two historic buildings from this time period remain popular. They are:

  • The Marion Castle – built in what is loosely known as the style of a French chateau, around 1914 or 1916 for Frank J. Marion
  • Hotel Chesterfield – once a lively beach hotel now a single family dwelling, it was constructed in 1880

If you decide on one of the available apartment rentals, consider the possibilities. You can venture out into Fairfield County and beyond. You can also stay within the city limits to enjoy all that Stamford can offer you.