Spruce Up a Room With the Help of Painting Supplies in NYC


Painting a room is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to give the room and your spirits a lift. When the seasons change, you’re eager to find a way to redecorate your home. Why not take a day or a weekend to update the walls and ceiling of your bathroom, master bedroom or family room? When you take the time to properly prepare the room before picking up a paintbrush, you’ll be able to complete the project much more quickly and smoothly than you would with little or no preliminary preparation.

While you’re buying the paint you’re going to apply to the walls and ceiling, you should also buy Painting Supplies in NYC that will make the job much easier. Paintbrushes, rollers and trays are common supplies, but you’ll want to use some other items too. Materials that will help you fill holes, remove old peeling paint, smooth bumps in the walls and protect outlets include spackle, scrapers, sand paper and painter’s tape. Flat and angled paint brushes as well as a paint roller frame and roller covers are also essential. In addition to the paint you’ll use to cover the walls, you’ll need to purchase primer which covers previous paint jobs and helps the primary coat go on smoothly and evenly.

There are some basic steps you need to take after you’ve chosen your paint colors but before you open the paint cans. Move out everything you can from the room and cover furniture and fixtures that can’t be moved with a drop cloth. Once the room is cleared, you’ll need to give it a thorough cleaning before you start painting. Remove dust and cobwebs. At this time, you should also remove switch plates and electrical covers and protect those you can’t move with electrical tape. Smooth out imperfections in the wall with sandpaper and fill holes with spackle. Then you can start applying primer to the walls.

S & V Hardware can help you gather all the Painting Supplies in NYC you’ll need to start your makeover project this weekend. In addition to the paintbrushes, dropcloths and painter’s tape, the experts can match colors for you and blend hues that will make your room’s wall coloring one of the most attractive you you could ever imagine.