Spring is a great time to check out and try new hair trends. Winter can do a lot of damage to your hair since you spend the colder months doing a lot of blow drying, curling, straightening, and various other types of heat styling. Luckily, some of the hottest hair cuts walking down the runways this year have been short styles. This means that if you are looking for new Haircuts in Omaha, this is the perfect opportunity to take the leap and try out a great new short style! Short haircuts are great because they are so versatile. They can be worn to work in a professional environment, dressed up with an elegant hair accessory for a formal event, worn with a trendy head band for a girl’s day out or to brunch, or tousled and playful for date night. Best of all, some of these new spring haircuts require much less heat styling than long hairstyles do!

Deciding to cut your hair short, especially if you have had long hair for a while, can seem overwhelming! It can be very helpful to choose a haircut that you like before you go to the salon so that you have an idea of what to ask your stylist for. Pictures of celebrities are easy to find and great to use since they often have the most updated, trendy cuts. Short haircuts can be layered, asymmetrical, one length, chunky, and more. The possibilities are truly endless. Remember to keep in mind your face shape and the features that you most want to highlight or draw attention away from. For example, if you feel that your forehead if a little too prominent for your liking, you may want to consider some bangs. Side-swept bangs are very popular with short haircuts this spring! While planning your new short haircut, also keep in mind the texture of your hair. If you have very thin, fine hair you will be able to get away with a shorter cut than someone who has very thick, curly hair. These are all things that you can discuss with your stylist when you go in for your new Haircuts Omaha!