Speed Dating in Boston?

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Believe it or not, speed dating in Boston is very much alive. There are many avenues that you can go through to find out where speed dating events take place. There are two popular ways of speed dating; the first one being the old fashioned way of speed dating in person, and the second being online speed dating.

Old Fashioned Speed Dating in Boston

There are many groups that put together events for speed dating in Boston. Some locations that have held events for these groups include the Back Bay Social Club, 29 Newbury, the Sonsie Wine Room, and many more. People might just think that with speed dating you just show up to a venue, slap on a name tag, and play musical chairs with a bunch of people looking to find the love of their life. There is much more to it than that. Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process that is used to encourage people to get out there and meet people! People get stuck behind their electronic devices and forget how to talk to with their voices. Speed dating is great way to break that barrier and talk to several people in a short period of time. Even if you don’t plan on meeting your future spouse here, it is a good way to get into the practice of meeting people.

Online Speed Dating in Boston

Just as there are groups that put together events for speed dating in Boston, there are several sites that cater to people who are interested in speed dating online, but solely communicating with people from Boston. This form of speed dating streamlines a lot of the processes that come with online dating profiles. It is similar to regular online dating, but you won’t have so write your dating resume, or fill out a ten page long questionnaire. Here are some things that you should know about speed dating before you jump on in.


In a sense, speed dating, whether online or in person, is like several interviews for dates. You want to prepare for a job interview in this way, so why not prepare for an interview that might help you find the man or woman of your dreams? Prepare some questions that you plan to ask, as well as what your answer would be for those very same questions. Ask what they do for work, if they are originally from Boston, something that they’re proud of, how long it has been since their last relationship and how long it lasted, what they are looking for in a relationship, what is the most important value in a relationship, what religion is important to them, and if they like having pets and what kind. All of these questions will help get a better insight into who the person you are looking at is, and if you are truly compatible with them. Otherwise, there would be no point to continue with them, and it would be on to the next.