Speed Dating in Boston

Lifestyle And Relationships

It is the age of microwaves and speed dates. The original purpose of speed dating was to meet more people in a short period of time. Today, many people who are only interested in a short term relationship are looking for it. It is for the very casual date, the here today, gone tomorrow, just want to have fun client who is not looking for a serious relationship.There are many ways to get a hook-up, speed dating in Boston is just one of them. It is an ever growing population both on and offline. It is this type of party dating that will cause people to make hasty decisions.

It’s A Party

Meeting someone at a dating event is like meeting someone at a party. However, you do not have to stand on the other side of the room hoping that someone will talk to you. At these events, you get to have your own time with the other people in the room. It should be in a safe and comfortable environment where you have a short time to speak to anyone that has peaked your interest. There is no pressure because no one is permitted to exchange personal information. Everyone is on a first name basis. Just remember everything you do is magnified, it’s like having several first dates in one night. In Boston, as in most other places, you must be prepared when you come to this type of event. You must be good at spontaneity, as there is no time to think.

No Time to Think

The things that you hear may or may not be true. There is no time to weigh the pros and the cons of what you just heard. It is even harder when the atmosphere is full of excitement. You are however, required to decide if there is someone there that you want to see again on a one to one basis.Perhaps this is more like the old way of meeting people. You see someone in the supermarket for five to ten minutes and decide to begin a conversation with them or you meet someone at the gas station and decide to go out with them without knowing anything more. The percentages of lasting relationships that meet like this is very low. With speed dating, your initial contact is called a pre-date. If your selection matches that of someone else, you get to decide if you want to make further contact. The rest is up to you. Just like the old way. You have to take your chances.Speed dating is not for everyone. You are the one that must decide if it is the best way for you.