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Your teeth are put on display to everyone you meet throughout the day. Every time you laugh, smile, eat and talk, people are looking at your teeth. If you are ashamed of your teeth because they are yellow, stained or dull than it may be time to have them professionally whitened. You should be proud of your teeth, and show them off with confidence. In the Carlsbad area health and wellness is a high priority among residents, and teeth whitening is readily available to help anyone achieve the smile they have always dreamed of.

Causes of staining and discoloration

There are many factors that affect the appearance of our teeth. As young children the teeth are as white as they will naturally be. This is because as people age their teeth become less porous, phosphate deficient and over time as the enamel becomes worn the yellow dentin shows through. As well as age, there are also many external factors that contribute to teeth discoloration. Foods that are high in carotenoids like carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes can stain teeth if consumed frequently. Drinks like coffee, tea, dark soda and red wine all can stain the teeth over time. Smoking or tobacco use is not only a dangerous risk to your health, but it also causes brown staining of the teeth and gums. People that grew up drinking well water without fluoride and people who have ingested too much fluoride tend to have spotted teeth that are unevenly colored. Certain medications like tetracycline used in acne and birth control medication as well as anti-histamines can cause teeth discoloration. All of these external factors affect the color of the teeth, but there is an answer. Professional teeth whitening in Carlsbad is just a phone call away.

Professional whitening as opposed to over the counter solutions

Many people choose to buy over the counter strips, gels or tray systems to whiten their teeth. This is a common solution, but it is doubtful that many of these people are aware of the side effects of such products. Teeth whitening strips can cause the enamel to deteriorate if left on for too long, or used too frequently. This can cause extreme pain and sensitivity to hot and cold foods, and can actually cause the teeth to appear more yellow as the dentist shows through. Trays that are left in overnight can cause gum irritation and even infection due to movement of the tray against the gums. Most dentists recommend that to whiten your teeth over the counter, all you need is effective multi-purpose whitening toothpaste accompanied by mouthwash and flossing. The general population seems to believe that professional whitening is too expensive. However, when compared to over the counter whitening products it actually costs less. One professional teeth whitening treatment can cost as little as 145 dollars and continues to work for a year. On the other hand generic whitening strips can cost 25 dollars for a one month supply and you use them frequently. That adds up to 300 dollars a year just for the generic brand! So skip all the negative side effects and wasted money, whiten your teeth professionally and get the smile you always knew you could have.

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