Smoke Spice Herbs for Euphoric Legal Highs

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The principle active ingredient in marijuana, which is responsible for its mind altering properties, is THC or tetrhydrocannabinol. This is the very ingredient that is detected in drug tests. When you smoke Spice herbs, you are actually switching to a natural and a much healthier alternative. The Spice Product Line has been around since 2004 in the European continent. Today, it is one of the most established herbal incense brands in America. When you smoke Spice herbs, you get to experience euphoric highs quite akin to the results of marijuana. These blends also enhance creativity and personal insight.


When you smoke spice herbs, you are actually savoring the goodness of numerous natural ingredients with delightful properties. Some of the prominent components of these blends are clove, rose, marshmallow, vanilla and honey, stevia leaf, lemon grass, Siberian Motherwort, Indian Pennyworth, clove, Lion’s Tail, Hops, Baybean and Fly Agaric.


These are blended with a few synthetic ingredients as well, for the right concoction. These include the HU-211, which is used in the treatment of brain damage. Brain damage could be the result of various illnesses, including multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, stroke or brain trauma. Another ingredient is WIN 55,212-2, which is used for treating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.  The third component is HU-311, which is known for its cancer fighting and anti-proliferative properties.


Smoke Spice Herb: Established Blends

The popular variants of Spice herbs include:


  1. Spice Gold: This blend comprises of legal herbs. The high lasts from four to eight hours and the peak can be attained in about 30 minutes. The aroma of honey and marshmallow transforms you to a different world.
  2. Spice Diamond: This is a headier version of Spice Gold. With this blend, you can hit a high in a matter of 10 to 20 minutes, which persists for about 4 hours. After 4 hours, the effects start wearing off. There is yet another variant by the name of Diamond Spirit, which is an even stronger blend.
  3. Spice Tropical Synergy: This blend is a totally different version from the rest. This is a leafier version and less fluffy as well. It burns for a longer period of time. There is a gradual build up to the high and the peak is attained in about half an hour. This is a mellower and yet a more euphoric high, as compared to Spice Diamond.


Choose your blend according to the type of high you wish to experience and the time at hand when you choose to smoke Spice herbs.



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The decision to smoke Spice Herbs will provide a delightful and euphoric sensation quite like marijuana but without the harmful side effects.

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