Skunk Removal in Dallas TX Can Sure Stink!

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While it’s an easy play on words the hard facts are that noticing a skunks spraying scent is a tell tale sign that you have a skunk nesting on your property. Favorite hiding spots are usually under a porch, house or garage. While the common skunk seems or looks harmless they in fact are very dangerous. Not only will they spray the foul defense smell on you, or your pets, but skunks have very sharp teeth and claws and will most definitely attack if they feel at all threatened. This is just one good reason to use a professional for skunk removal in Dallas TX neighborhoods.

Skunks are omnivorous animals which means they feed on both animals and plants. So skunks finding a food supply in or around your home are generally very easy. They routinely invade garbage cans or will feed on anything from bird feeders droppings to pet food left outdoors. It’s extremely easy for these invasive creatures to chew through plastic garbage cans to reach the food they are after inside. Skunks are extremely destructive animals and what is not widely known is that the skunks stink glands that make them so famous actually spray up to a distance of 10 feet or 3 meters. This makes them very dangerous to pets and children, and if you have ever had to bath an animal to remove the smell you know that the pungent odor smells well after the bath process regardless of the method or products you use to alleviate the odor. It’s common for the smell to linger for at least a month. So don’t attempt to deal with the animal yourself, instead call on a skunk removal company in Dallas TX to take care of the problem for you.

Skunk removal in Dallas TX will not only trap the animal in a safe and humane way, but will relocate the animal a great distance from your home in a wildlife area. What’s more is the elaborate nests they build under your home or garage will be removed and droppings that carry parasites will be removed to ensure your families safety.

Personal safety is still the number one reason that residents in the greater metropolitan areas hire an experienced wildlife removal company. These animals are not only destructive, but being close relatives of the rat from the rodent family, they routinely carry everything from fleas to parasites or disease. Part of this is due to their using garbage as a food supply. Parasites can also be transmitted to pets and in some cases humans through the squirrel’s droppings. In fact the droppings are another common way to identify that you have a squirrel infestation.

If you find you have a skunk issue in or around your home then pick up the phone and dial 800-CRITTER. You’ll be connected to the Dallas Critter Control firm that will immediately come out to your home and set traps to quickly capture and relocate the skunk far from your home. Don’t attempt this dangerous activity on your own, leave skunk removal in Dallas TX to Critter Control, the eco friendly wildlife removal firm servicing all of the Greater Dallas area.