Simple Checks Before Calling An Orange County Printer Repair Service


Not having a working printer in a business in Orange County can be a very serious issue. It can result in invoices going out late, inability to provide customers with billing and sales information and also a challenge in trying to get contracts completed.

While it is very possible that a printer repair service will need to be called to fix the problem, it is also possible that it is something that may be easy to fix on your own. Before calling the repair service or taking the printer in, just take a few minutes and run these simple tests.

Power Issues

If there is no power to the printer, there will be no lights on the printer. Check the power cord into the printer and ensure it is fully pushed in. Follow the cord and check the connection to the outlet. Unplug both ends of the cord and plug back in to check if this resolved the issue. Check the cord and replace if damaged.

When there is still no power, try plugging another electrical device into the outlet. If that device doesn’t work either, try the printer cord in another outlet. Check the breaker and ensure there is power to the outlet. With power to the outlet and no power to the printer, contact your printer repair service.

Connectivity Problems

For wireless printers or printers on networks, checking that the printer is connected to the router is an essential first step. Typically, when trying to print users will get an error message stating the printer is offline or unreachable.

Try powering down the router, the computer and the printer. Power them back on and check to make sure the correct wireless is configured on the printer if there are still connectivity issues. Setting up the printer on the system again may correct the problem.

Print Quality

Before calling printer repair services about poor print quality check your toner or inkjet ink levels. Most new printer software will provide an interface that allows you to complete diagnosis on the printer from the computer.

If there is still ink or toner, try cleaning the heads, which will also be done through that interface. This is a simple process where several test sheets will be printed to remove anything that may be causing blurry or fuzzy edges to your printing projects.

When in doubt, or if the problem persists, contact a reputable repair service in Orange County. Be sure to ask for an estimate before starting the repair, particularly if you were considering upgrading to a new printer in the near future.