Signs Your Overhead Garage Door in Ashburn, VA Needs Repair

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When your dishwasher stops cleaning the dishes properly, or your bathroom sink has a leak in the faucet, you can immediately recognize that there is a need for repair. If repairs to these items aren’t made, than you probably understand that the problem will only get worse before it gets better, and hence you call a repair service. The same holds true for your overhead garage door in Ashburn VA. If you notice that anything is off with your overhead garage door in Ashburn, VA, than you are going to want to call a repair service sooner rather than later. Here are some of the key indicators that it is time to have your overhead garage door in Ahsburn, VA repaired.

The Door Stays Ajar

One sign that your overhead garage door is in need of repair is that it doesn’t close completely. Of course, if there is an obstruction underneath the door, it is not going to close completely. However, if the area underneath your garage door is clear, yet the door still remains slightly ajar, than it is time to call a repair service, as this certainly indicates something is wrong.

The Door Closes too Fast

When you pull your overhead garage door to close it and it comes barreling down, than it is absolutely time to call a repair service. A garage door should not close speed to a close and this can lead to a very dangerous situation. This may indicate that a spring is broken and a repair will need to be made.

The Door Closes too Slowly

Just like your overhead garage door shouldn’t close too fast, it also should not close too slowly. If the door struggles to close, this may also mean that there is a problem with the springs and a repair will have to be made.

Strange Noises

If you notice strange noises when you open and close your door, you should call a repair service. Though the noises don’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the function of the door, the noises can be quite a nuisance. A repair service will be able to correct the problem for you.

If your overhead garage door is exhibiting any of the issues mentioned above, it is certainly time to call a repair service to remedy the issue.


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