Signs You Need to Call in a Plumber Murrieta


Often times, your plumbing will give you signs that something is wrong or not quite right. However, it is quite common that homeowners miss these signs, or mistake them for something else or something less problematic. Learning what signs you need to be aware of can help clue you in to a plumbing problem that requires the assistance of a plumber Murrieta. Here are a few of those signs.

You Have a Clog that Won’t Free Itself:

Having a clog in your drain is an extremely common plumbing issue. And having a clog in and of itself is nothing to be alarmed about. However, if, despite attempting to free the clog using various home remedies, the clog does not free itself or loosen, you should become worried and call a plumber in Murrieta. You may have a stubborn clog, which a plumber can help you fix, or you could have a pipe with a crack. When the pipe becomes cracked, water can no longer flow through the pipe, which causes it to back up in your water fixture, which is a sign commonly associated with clogs.

The Water Running Through Your Pipes is Brown:

A common plumbing misconception is that if the water running through your pipes is brown, your pipes are rusted. Unfortunately, while this may be the case on rare occasion, that is not usually the reason the water running through your pipes is brown. It is more likely that there is a leak in your pipe, and dirt surrounding it is entering and turning the water brown. Anytime brown water is running through your pipes and through your faucets, you need to call a plumber Murrieta.

Your Pipes are Rattling:

Another common plumbing misconception is that pipes begin to rattle as they age. Therefore, many homeowners aren’t the slightest bit alarmed when they hear their pipes rattling or banging as water runs through them. However, they should be. The pipes rattle because the belt holding them in place has simply broken or loosened. This is a simple fix. However, if the problem is not fixed, all of the rattling can cause the pipe to break, which is a huge and expensive repair.

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