Senior Living The Way It Was Meant To Be With Assisted Living in Powell, OH

Senior Living Society

Living the good life as a senior citizen can be easy when you move to a Retirement Community. Here seniors can live as independently as they can, while living amongst others in their own age group. Friendships can be made, and a quality of life can be maintained through health management and enjoyable activities. If you are searching for an Assisted Living in Powell, OH for yourself or a loved one, make sure to take a look at the web page for Here you’ll learn how truly special Abbington communities can be.

Abbington Assisted Living in Powell, OH offers several styles of apartments, suites and rooms. Units include emergency call systems in both suite and bath for added safety and peace of mind. Private bathrooms and kitchenettes make each residence home like. Their one story facility offers a completely accessible building with no stairs or elevators to negotiate. Residents are treated to three gourmet meals daily in the dining room, as well as a full calendar of social and recreational options to choose from.

All residents at the Abbington Assisted Living in Powell, OH can also take full advantage of the Health and Wellness Center with each community. Here residents can get help with their daily medications as needed from licensed nurses and staff on site. These services also let residents have weight and blood pressure monitoring, and pharmacy delivery services as per their requests. As is the assisted living way of life, residents can be helped with tasks of daily living when needed as well. Bathing, dressing or personal tasks that get harder with age and illness will be addressed, always preserving the dignity and pride of the resident. There are always staff members in the building 24/7 for the comfort of all involved.

Abbington Retirement is also approved for Medicaid Waivers, so that those residents who are eligible for Medicaid may be able to continue to live in their communities as their financial reserves lessen over time. One’s senior years are no time to be alone. Visit one of the Abbington locations and learn how a renewed vigor is added to the lives of their many residents all day, every day.