Selecting the Right Window Replacement Ellicott City MD Material for Your Home

Windows and Doors

When the cold winter wind starts to blow through the house, it’s time to think about hiring a window replacement in Ellicott City MD contractor. Old windows with broken seals can cause dramatic increases in energy bills. Homeowners have three materials to choose from when they are looking for replacement windows: wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. They should consider the age and style of their home, their tolerance for maintenance and the energy efficiency they desire, before deciding which material to use.

For traditional architectural features wood has no competition. Anyone living in an antique, vintage or historic home should seriously consider using only wood windows and doors. It will enhance the resale value. Potential buyers of these types of properties truly want an authentic architectural detail in traditional materials. Wood windows do last and perform well when maintained properly.

More contractors choose to use vinyl windows than any other type. They are far more affordable than wood and most of the same design elements can be achieved with them. Vinyl replacement windows have sophisticate glazing that lowers energy bills by keeping the summer heat outside the house and the winter heat inside the house. There are hybrid windows that have vinyl exteriors and wooden interiors. These provide homeowners maximum flexibility in their interior finish and color choices. They are designed to be easily cleaned while standing inside the house.

Fiberglass replacement windows are are the newest type of windows. These window frames can be eight times stronger than vinyl frames and three times stronger than wood frames. Less heat or cold can move through the frame, making it the perfect year-round insulation material. Fiberglass expands less than other frame materials so it lasts longer and keeps a better seal. It’s so strong that the frame can be narrower and support more glass area. They will never need to be painted.

Replacing windows can be a very expensive home repair. Many window replacement Ellicott City MD contractors have financing options for qualified homeowners. Some work with credit card companies to provide low interest rates for home improvements. In addition to asking about their window replacement experience, it’s also good to ask about their financing options.

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