Seek an Attorney When Filing for Social Security Disability


When an individual becomes disabled and can no longer work in order to provide for his or her family, the person may feel overwhelmed and frustrated when attempting to file for Social Security Disability benefits. Claims are generally denied the first time filed, whether an attorney represents the client or not; however, the likelihood of success increases greatly when an appeal occurs, and an attorney prepares and conducts the case.

A Disability Attorney will have the knowledge and experience critical to a successful application for Social Security Disability benefits. One should seek an attorney because specialists typically have the education and experience necessary to prepare the legal case. This knowledge consists of knowing which medical conditions to be aware of, which questions to ask the individual’s doctors, and the theories to argue when the case goes to court in order to prove the extent of disability and the date of disability. Disability lawyers get paid from the back pay received by their clients, so they have high incentive to get the earliest disability date possible, track down medical records, and thoroughly question medical doctors. The representation of an attorney greatly increases the disabled person’s chances for successfully receiving Social Security Disability benefits. Additionally, attorneys are held to ethical standards which demand that they represent clients vigorously, and clients can submit complaints to the bar association should they feel that they did not receive adequate representation by the attorney. These elements of redress are not available to those who choose disability representation other than that of an attorney, such as that of a disability advocate group.

When people become disabled, choosing how to file can be confusing. They may file independently or use representation. This representation can be that of an attorney or a civilian advocate. Choosing an attorney should guarantee that the case will be approached with zeal, and redress is possible if it is not. Without representation or with civilian representation, success is less likely than when approached with the aid of an attorney who specializes in disability law.

Finding a knowledge disability attorney will ease the strain of a difficult situation, and representation should be found as soon as possible in a situation where a person becomes disabled.