San Antonio Back Pain Specialists Use Effective Methods of Physical Therapy


Patients suffering from back pain are often referred to physical therapy as a non-surgical treatment option before moving onto more aggressive treatments, including surgery. Chronic pain in the lumbar region can often be addressed through regular exercise routines and certain stretching techniques that take pressure off of the lower back. It’s best to depend on an experienced physical therapist who understands the limitations associated with back problems to develop a program that’s right for you. There are a number of effective methods provided by San Antonio back pain specialists that can ease your back discomfort and prevent back ailments from reoccurring.

Types of Physical Therapy
There are two primary types of physical therapy used to alleviate pain and promote better back function. Passive physical therapy includes various procedures performed on the patient, such as heat or ice application or electrical stimulation, used to soothe sore muscles and tissues. Active physical therapy focuses on specific stretching and exercise techniques. This is typically the better option for those suffering from lower back problems.

Eliminating Chronic Pain
Patients with back problems recognize how constant pain can decrease their quality of life. Exercise plays a major role in the treatment of chronic back problems. Following an exercise plan can increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and build endurance. As you strengthen your core, your improved strength and flexibility will improve function and ease pain along the spine. Physical therapy can also boost a patient’s attitude towards their disability.

Beneficial Back Therapy
San Antonio back pain specialists know what exercises can be beneficial in the treatment of certain back conditions. Low-impact aerobic exercises, such as walking and swimming, can help strengthen muscles in the back and abdomen without straining the muscles. Strength training and spine stabilization can help improve back mobility while enhancing flexibility at the hip. If you have back discomfort, consult with a physical therapist about your treatment options.

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