Requirements For Becoming Licensed Roofers In Norfolk


Roofers are concerned with the construction and maintenance of roofs. They work with different materials like slate, metal, wood, asphalt and tiles to construct new roofs. Similarly, they make adjustments in previously installed roofs, repair them or replace them as per the requirements of their customers. Additional duties of a roofer include coating the roofs with waterproof materials, sealing it with anti-microbe sprays and securing it firmly to the top of the houses.

Since roof is an important part of a house therefore becoming a roofing contractor is a good option for scholars who are interested in construction and architecture. Many construction students take up part time roofing and installation projects to gain experience. However, becoming certified roofers in Norfolk requires the presence of specific skills and knowledge. It gives you an upper edge in the present day competitive atmosphere. Moreover, the customers will feel confident while hiring you for their tasks.


Based on the reports of the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual income of a roofer was estimated to be $36,430 (as recorded in 2008). Since the construction industry has shown a growth of 4% in last 3 years, a large number of construction projects were introduced by the government as well as private agencies. Thus, there is tremendous scope for candidates who are willing to take up roofing as their side business.


1. Roofers in Norfolk are expected to possess good health, balancing skills and great body coordination. They should not be afraid of heights. They should have basic knowledge of mathematics, architecture, engineering and mechanical drawing.
2. Once you complete your basic education, you need to apply for training because the construction industry is solely based on practical application of theoretical knowledge that you have gained over the years. Therefore, once you complete your college studies, you can apply for apprenticeship programs.
3. At least 2 to 6 months of practical experience under the supervision of an experienced roofer is extremely important for the fresher. It will make them familiar with the correct process of installation, repair and maintenance.
4. Additionally, they will learn about the latest technologies and materials used for construction.
5. Before joining a training session, the candidate should be at least 18 years of age and he must possess an insurance plan in order to compensate for accidental injuries at worksite.
6. The BLS states that it is necessary for a student to participate in a training session worth 2,000 hours. Besides, they should have attended their classes for at least 144 hours.
7. Once you complete your training, you can apply for the license. Fill up the necessary forms and study for the examination.
8. As soon as you get your license, you can join state recognized roofing agencies to gain market experience. It will boost your credentials and make you shine as an experienced roofer.

Licensed roofers in Norfolk need to work for at least 3 to 8 years before starting their private business. Once they acquire the required knowledge and experience, they can train new students and open up a freelancing business on their own.

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