Repair Or Replace Your Heating And Cooling System?

Air Conditioning

When your heating and cooling system in St. Charles malfunctions, the question often arises; “is it time to replace the system or can it be repaired?” There is no one answer; there are issues that must be taken into account.

* How old is the current system? The normal warranty on n air conditioner is ten years but if you have had the system maintained well there is no reason to think it will not last a few years longer. Life expectancy is a factor, but older systems may be plagued with more than just issues concerning reliability.

Like everything else, air conditioning equipment takes full advantage of new technology. Every year, new features are added to manufacturer’s equipment. A ten-year-old system probably is only working at about 60 percent of the efficiency of a new system. Older systems cost more to operate, and even those that are well maintained will begin to fail and break down due to age.

* Look at repair costs: There is no doubt that repair costs will be less than the cost of replacing the system; although this may only be in the short term.

Although it is only a rule-of-thumb, if the repair cost is one-third of the cost of a new system, it is time to replace it. Any repair bill that is that much suggests there is a serious fault; it may be that the compressor failed or the coils were somehow damaged. Although a new system for heating and cooling in St. Charles will cost three times as much, it is well worth the investment.

It is not an easy decision; there are many things to consider. The age of the existing system, energy efficiency, repair frequency, and cost, all must be taken into account. It always helps to speak with a supplier of heating and cooling equipment before making the final decision.

Eventually you are heating and cooling system will need replacing. If you are looking for heating and cooling in St. Charles, you are invited to discuss your needs with the experts at Blue Frost Heating & Cooling.