Rely On An Experienced Divorce Attorney on Long Island


One of the most stressful events a family can experience is divorce. There is the uncertainty about the future, which can lead to tension and even varying degrees of anger or resentment. It’s a life-altering experience for all involved and it can make it difficult to calmly and rationally discuss sensitive issues such as custody and support. It helps to have experienced representation in these potentially contentious negotiations. A knowledgeable Divorce Attorney on Long Island is an invaluable asset, using his skills to represent you and look out for the best interests of both you and your family.

Your initial consultation with your Divorce Attorney on Long Island will be free of charge and will give him a chance to become familiar with the details of your situation. Based on the information he collects, he will determine the best way to proceed. He will keep you apprised of developments along the way and will do his best to take some of the more complex legal matters and make them easily understandable to you. You will have input along the way too, as he negotiates custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and the division of assets and debts. These are usually the areas that require the most attention.

Communications between the parties can become a serious problem during a divorce. It’s a very emotional time and it’s not unusual for negative comments to be exchanged. Most attorneys like to have all parties agree that any communication will be handled by and through them. The exception may be that issues related to the children should be discussed by the parents, but even under those circumstances, it is understood that restraint should be exercised.

Even after a divorce settlement is reached and approved by the court, your attorney’s job may not be done; although the attorneys will work diligently to come to an arrangement that is fair and reasonable, nothing is written in stone and modifications may be needed as circumstances change. If a parent has an accident, loses a job, or has to transfer to another city, allowances will have to be made to accommodate these events and further negotiations may be required. Attorneys at Todd J. Zimmer and Associates take matters of divorce seriously and will work diligently to make the process as close to stress-free as they can for all parties involved.